Cottles Castles, Essex Bouncy Castle Hire Q&A

We would like to thank Cottles Castles, East London and ESSEX Bouncy Castles hire company.

Q1, Where Do You Want To See Your Company in 5yrs ?

In five years I would like to see myself working fulltime in my company along with other full time staff and not have the need for a second job. I would also aim to triple the worth of business assets such as owned vans and inflatable units.

Q2.  How Do You  See Yourself Over Competitors?

I keep my prices in line with my competitors but try to give a personal service to each customer. I will always try to speak to my customers on the phone, or in person when the want to book rather than just getting them booked in via email or text. I believe this allows me to create a better relationship with the customer and I can ensure that no information can be misinterpreted. I will also send a confirmation email so the customer so they can read over what we have just discussed.

Q3. What problem does your business solve?

As I have got a lot busier this year I found myself having to work out some logistical problems. This has been solved by using an online booking system and route planning during the week before my jobs.

Q4, Will your customers refer other people they know to your company? 

Yes, around 50% of my work is referred by other customers, I leave leaflets at every job and emphasise how much I appreciate the customer handing them out.

Q5, What is your social media strategy? 

For ages I believe I didn’t post enough of social media, for the last few months I have been using  ‘Havering local business’ services to post for me on facebook and google my business. In the future I will speak to them regarding posting into local buying and selling facebook groups, a big market I believe I’m missing out on.

Q6Why did you start your business?

If you work hard and have good ideas in a normal job someone else is likely benefiting from this and your still getting paid the same amount as the college who’s doing nothing. I enjoy taking risks and thinking about what I could gain or lose with each financial decision.

Q7, Was there a time you wanted to quit? 

And how did you deal with that

situation or overcome it?

I did work fulltime and run my business part time. A couple of years ago I didn’t get much work for a while with my business and wasn’t looking for it. I applied for a job as an immigration officer, I studied for my interview a believed I had the experience and interview skills to get this job. I didn’t get this job which I think made me realise I couldn’t just carry on doing my current job forever so I decided to invest all of my savings into my small business and drop my hours to part time. Once I committed to dropping my hours I felt committed to my business.

Q8,Favourite thing about being an business owner?

Watching it grow.

Q9, Biggest regret if any? 

Every owner has at least one.

When starting out I brought a giant inflatable Slide that was bigger than my house. It needed at least 4 people to move it and a massive trailer to move it around. I had not contacts or connections to events or anywhere I could get it hired out. I brought it because I thought it was cool and would hire out for lots of money without thinking about getting staff to move it with me, how long it would take to dry it if it rained, who would do the safety test on it ect. After realising all of this I sold it on talking a big loss.

Q10, What’s the dream? What’s the end game?

To have the business run its self and just make the decisions on what happens.

Q11. What inspired you to start a business? Do you still feel the same way?

I’ve always had a little side business, sine school I was selling sweets to the other kids, since 17 I started buying and selling cars I borough from auction. I’ve always worked for someone else full time, now I want to find hard working people and get them working for me.

Q12, If you could speak to your younger self, just starting out, what

advice would you give him/her?

You should have started it sooner, I’ve always wondered how different my life would be if I had got the sack 5 years ago and been forced to work for myself.

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