Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

Why won’t this airline level with us about a four-day change?

We can’t make an insurance claim for compensation unless it gives us the reason

My fiance and I travelled to Martinique in the Caribbean, flying from Leeds to Paris and then onwards to Fort-de-France. We were having a lovely holiday until I received an email from our airline, Level, saying our return flight to France had been put back four days. I spent hours trying to find out why and what assistance it could offer us as it meant we had to book another flight from Paris to Leeds and find accommodation for another four days. Level appears to be owned by Iberia so its helpline bounces you between call centres in different countries. We were offered no help and it turned into a very expensive four days. Level claimed it was entitled to change flights under its terms and conditions. Our insurance firm said it could process our claim for the costs incurred but only if Level provided email confirmation of the dates of the flights and the reason for the change.

I have sent numerous emails requesting this but it replies with a standard email saying we are not entitled to anything.

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