US city breaks high temperature and snow records in one day

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Monday, November 18, 2019 – 6:33am

A city in Alaska has experienced a record high temperature and a record amount of snowfall on the same day. The Municipality of Anchorage saw snowfall of more than a foot Saturday after earlier equalling a temperature record set in 1967. Weather experts explain that southeast winds blew warm air into the city before the winds subsided, temperatures dropped and snow fell.

Biblical experts find ancient Hebrew at Moses site

Bible scholars say they have discovered ancient Hebrew inscriptions at a site where it is claimed God met Moses. The Doubting Thomas Research Foundation has published details of “proto” Hebrew found at the site of Jabal al-Lawz, in northeast Saudi Arabia near the border with Jordan.

Fiftysomething women inflate sex doll market

Middle-aged women are a growing market for sex dolls, according to a retailer. Phil Bass, managing director of The-Doll-House, said of his customer base: “It is not the stereotypical lonely old man anymore as such. The female demographic is interesting. I have some middle-aged women, many in their 50s.”

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