Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

Markets worried by Trump’s threat to escalate trade war – business live

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8.03am GMT

The escalating crisis in Hong Kong is also weighing on the markets today.

Hong Kong was paralysed on Wednesday, with riot police making arrests in a busy business district, much of the city’s public transport suspended and all universities closed following sharp clashes overnight with anti-government protesters.

Around lunch time, hundreds of protesters in office outfits took to the streets in Central, the city’s most prestigious business district, for the third day in a row. Bricks were strewn across the normally busy, traffic-filled thoroughfares as white-collar workers shouted slogans. Some held placards emblazoned: “Do not shoot our young people!”

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7.51am GMT

Even if a US-China trade deal is secured, Paul Donovan of UBS Wealth Management fears that the damage is done.

He says:

US President Trump suggested there was no uncertainty. That would seem to be challenged by quite a lot of evidence. UBS’s survey of industry leaders shows trade policy is causing uncertainty, which is reducing and changing investment. That is unlikely to be repaired by a trade deal.

Trust in the global trading order has been damaged.

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