Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

General election: Tory and Labour pledges about resolving Brexit quickly are misleading, CBI says – live news

PM to unveil business tax cuts and Labour to expand on immigration plans. Follow the latest developments, live

10.54am GMT

Johnson says he wants to cut the productivity gap in the UK.

But he will do that not be decapitating the tall poppies, but by levelling up.

10.53am GMT

Johnson claims Jeremy Corbyn would be dependent on an alliance with the SNP.

And he says Corbyn’s position on the EU is “positively mind-boggling”.

.@BorisJohnson: As for his position on the EU, it is positively mind-boggling. He wants to negotiate a new deal – for at least another three months & then he wants to spend six further months asking the public to vote on his deal in yet another toxic referendum campaign #GE2019

.@BorisJohnson: One thing is clear: the Sturgeon-Corbyn alliance would consign this country to months if not years of dither, delay, discord and division when every month of pointless delay – insisted on by Corbyn – is costing this country a billion pounds for nothing #GE2019

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