General election: CBI chief claims ‘extreme’ views of Brexiters and Corbynites ‘causing great harm to economy’ – live news

PM to unveil business tax cuts and Labour to expand on immigration plans. Follow the latest developments, live

1.54pm GMT

Earlier, in her speech to the CBI conference, Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, its director general, said that extremists on the right and the left in politics were causing “great harm to the economy”. (See 10.17am.) She was referring to Tory Brexiters who favour a no-deal Brexit, and Labour Corbynites who pushing a nationalisation agenda. Here are the full quotes from her speech.

I believe we are facing a danger that could get in the way of a bright future. And it takes the form of extreme ideology. We see it on both sides of the political divide.

On the right, we have the threat of — even preference for — no deal as the end point of our Brexit negotiations …

1.38pm GMT

The Overseas Development Institute is holding what it says may be the only general election hustings devoted to the topic of overseas aid. It is just starting now, and there is a live feed here. Those taking part include Ray Collins, the former Labour general secretary, Lady Sheehan from the Lib Dems, Natalie Bennett from the Greens and Elizabeth Babade from the Brexit party.

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