Cheapest times to book your flights

Which! have crunched the data for thousands of flights to reveal the best months to pick up a bargain for your Christmas, summer and bank-holiday breaks

Flight prices change based on demand, so it’s impossible to give a definitive answer to how far in advance you should book to always get the cheapest fare.  But after analysing two years of flight-booking data from Skyscanner and looking at the cost of return economy flights from UK destinations worldwide, we can give you a good estimate.  Hurry deals, early-bird deals and sales; we’ve investigated them all, so we can tell you the truth about whether you’re really getting the best price on your holiday or flight. Find out more about  Which? Travel When to book for Easter Interrupt your Christmas shopping to grab an Easter bargain. In mid-December, typically four months in advance of this public holiday you might be able to score 16% savings on average on flights. 

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