Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Can we separate out fixtures and fittings with a help-to-buy Isa?

We are hoping we can make an offer for the Isa maximum and pay separately for these items

Q My partner and I both have help-to-buy Isas and live outside of London so the most we’ll be able to spend on a property is £250,000. Property prices around the area we want to buy are very close to the £250,000 limit and often slightly above it.

It seems that the help-to-buy Isa guidelines say the £250,000 limit refers to the land but not fixtures and fittings. Does this mean if a property is on sale for £255,000, say, we could offer £250,000 for the property, but separately offer £5,000 for fixtures and fittings such as a new fitted kitchen, curtains, blinds, garden furniture and/or wardrobes? AL

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